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Dinoflagellate biology and evolution


These critters are among the lab’s favourites. They exhibit many fascinating features and also lots of questions. Our research focuses mainly on their genes and genomes, in the context of the evolution of alveolates, the eukaryotic group dinoflagellates belong in.



Genome evolution in dinoflagellates

Dinoflagellates have very large genomes. So much that the smallest dinoflagellates genomes recorded are about as large as the human genome, whereas the largest are almost 10 times bigger! We don’t know much about them. Not even how many genes or how they are arranged or regulated. Moreover, the way in which DNA is packaged …

Oxyrrhis marina Functional Genomics

O. marina functional genomics – The OMFG Project O. marina is a dinoflagellate that lives in marine rocky shores around the world, usually where tide pools form.They are voracious predators: devouring bacteria and other protists seems to be their exclusive activity. O. marina has been used as a model to study various aspects of protist physiology, ecology …