September 2011 archive

Seeing biosphere's dark matter

We are organizing a symposium within 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which will take placein the City of Vancouver, Canada in February 2012. Our symposium will be part of a special, day-long seminar “Unlocking Biology’s Potential and will verse on the exploration of uncultured microbial diversity, its …

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Teach evolution not creationism

Are you in the UK? Sign the Creationism In Schools Isn’t Science petition!

Genome analysis exposes hidden sex secrets

Comment on “Conserved meiotic machinery in Glomus spp., a putatively ancient asexual fungal lineage” by S. Halary et al. 2011. The origin and significance of sex remains one of the most intriguing topics in evolutionary biology. Sexual reproduction requires a big deal of complexity and energy expense at all levels, from the intricate molecular gymnastics …

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