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SEMINAR: Philosophy of Fungi

SEMINAR IN EVOLUTION AND PHILOSOPHY Austin Booth Department of Philosophy Harvard University “Evolution and the Individuality of Fungi and Holobionts” 10:30 AM, Thursday 17 April Room 3H1, Sir Charles Tupper Building College and Carleton Streets Abstract: Using a Darwinian framework, I articulate accounts of individuality in two kinds of biological systems: heterokaryotic fungi and holobionts. …

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NAI and SMBE Satellite Workshop on the Origin of Life

21-24 January 2013Princeton University Center for Theoretical Science Organizers: Laura Landweber and Aaron Goldman http://www.pctp.princeton.edu/pcts/Originoflife2013/Originoflife2013.html The last few decades have witnessed the burgeoning of many highly productive lines of investigation into abiogenesis and the early emergence of biological complexity.  Planetary sciences and geochemistry have produced a short-list of well-studied settings where prebiotic chemistry may have …

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Teach evolution not creationism

Are you in the UK? Sign the Creationism In Schools Isn’t Science petition!

Genome analysis exposes hidden sex secrets

Comment on “Conserved meiotic machinery in Glomus spp., a putatively ancient asexual fungal lineage” by S. Halary et al. 2011. The origin and significance of sex remains one of the most intriguing topics in evolutionary biology. Sexual reproduction requires a big deal of complexity and energy expense at all levels, from the intricate molecular gymnastics …

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Halary et al. accepted – On meiosis in mycorrhizal fungi

Just accepted in Genome Biology and Evolution: “Conserved meiotic machinery in Glomus spp., a putatively ancient asexual fungal lineage” by Sebastien Halary, Shehre-Banoo Malik, Levannia Lildhar, Claudio H. Slamovits, Mohamed Hijri and Nicolas Corradi.